How to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error on iPhone and Android


SIM Not Provisioned MM # 2 Mistake: The SIM card of a smart phone plays a vital function. It links the gadget to the cellular network, making it possible for individuals to make telephone calls as well as texts. This little chip is especially programmed to work as a medium. Linking the smart phone with the cell company by sharing particular details.

If your device is showing SIM not provisioned MM 2 error. That means the SIM card is not able to get in touch with the wanted mobile network. This can occur as a result of a selection of reasons. Yet whatever the reason is, the SIM card is not able to develop a link with the carrier network. This is an unfortunate mistake. It will certainly quit you from making phone calls and linking to the net. So, we advise getting this issue taken care of promptly.

What is SIM Not Provisioned Error?

You are most likely to deal with SIM not provisioned MM # 2 mistake if you are a new smartphone individual. As well as a new smartphone indicates a new SIM card. One of the most likely factors are …

  • You have actually acquired a brand-new SIM card for your mobile
  • Moving calls to your new SIM
  • The network company’s server is not available
  • Outside of the protection location

Most of the times, users face this error when they attempt to utilize a new SIM card that hasn’t been activated yet by the company. There is absolutely nothing to bother with, solution offers typically take 24 to 48 hours to trigger a brand-new SIM card. There are other probable reasons as well. However these are about the individuals.

  • SIM card isn’t effectively put in the SIM tray. This happens if you are an amateur as well as have actually never ever modified with SIM cards before. Sometimes, it doesn’t obtain straightened properly.
  • One more reason is old SIM cards. If you are making use of the SIM card for numerous years, it becomes prone to wear and tear. A damaged SIM won’t have the ability to attach effectively.

That being said, if you are encountering this mistake, make sure to check out the solution guide we have laid out listed below.

Easy Solutions to Deal with SIM not provisioned MM # 2 Error

So, we have actually prepared a checklist of solutions to assist you get rid of SIM not provisioned MM # 2 error if it has begun showing up on your mobile phone.

1. Restart Your Mobile

As SIM not provisioned MM # 2 is a SIM card-related problem, our initial instinct is to get the SIM card from the cellphone. But prior to it involves that we advise restarting the Android/iOS mobile.

Yes, it sounds actually simple and it is. A simple reboot of the tool can fix a lot of concerns. In most of the SIM provisioned error situations, rebooting the tool is enough. So, reboot the mobile, initial. If this doesn’t work, go on to the following solutions.

2. Enable Plane Mode

So, what is the relevance of the Aircraft Setting?

Aircraft setting detaches the device from the network. So, placing the gadget in Airplane setting temporarily will rejuvenate its link to the network. Eventually fixing SIM not provisioned MM # 2 error.

So, if you are an Android customer, then you will have the ability to activate the Airplane mode from the Notification Drawer (Android) yet if you are an iPhone user, you will be able to do the exact same from the Control Center (iPhone).

After enabling the Plane mode, you require to keep the gadget like that for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, disable it.

3. Ensure the SIM Card is Clean

If the SIM not provisioned MM # 2 mistake was appearing due to any bug or momentary issues, then it needs to have been fixed by reactivating the smartphones or keeping them in the Plane Setting.

If the trouble is still there, you need to get the SIM card from the mobile. Ensure the SIM card is clean. You are seeking dust, dust, crud; points like that. Too much of this stuff can quit a SIM card from attaching to the cellular network.

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4. Appropriately Put the SIM Card

If the SIM card is tidy, after that you need to make certain to put it in the Sim tray correctly. If the SIM is not effectively positioned inside the SIM tray, it will not have the ability to connect. So, you require to see to it of that.

5. Activate the SIM Card

The new SIM cards are expected to be activated within 24-hour of being inserted. This should happen automatically. If it doesn’t. You require to do any of the following to turn on the SIM card

  • Call a computerized number
  • Send out SMS to a specified number
  • Log into the network supplier’s site for activation

These fast as well as simple procedures. If the mistake was showing up due to suspended SIM cards, after that it ought to obtain taken care of.

6. Attempt Using the second SIM Slot or Insert in a Different Mobile

If the SIM is currently triggered however it’s regularly showing SIM not provisioned MM # 2 error, then attempt utilizing the 2nd SIM card port.

This operates in some situations. There must be something wrong with the initial slot, triggering issues. You can also utilize the SIM card on a different cellphone to find out if the concern is with the SIM card or with the port.

7. Install Carrier Setups Update

Seek service provider setups upgrade. These are readily available every so often and also when a carrier introduces a new update, it includes many bug fixes and also brand-new attributes. So, search for the upgrade as well as install it. Might simply be the fix you are searching for.

Carrier Settings Update apple iphone

Browse to your iPhone’s Setups– >> General– >> Concerning. Look for the alternative to upgrade the carrier settings.

If you fail to discover any type of such choice, then your apple iphone making use of the most recent provider settings. So, you need to find one more way to fix the issue.

Service Provider Setups Update Android

On Android, browse to Settings -> > Concerning Phone. Maintain a search for the Update Profile button.

On some Android mobiles, you need to go concerning a various means. Setups– >> System -> > Advanced-> > System Update. If you are still having problem updating, then go for Setups -> > Cellular Network– >> Carrier Setups.

If you still can not find the option to upgrade the service provider settings, then your mobile possibly making use of the most recent version.

8. Get In Touch With Your Network Provider

The SIM not provisioned MM # 2 is probably to obtain dealt with by any of the previous solutions we have gone over.

Yet in any case, if you are still battling with it. We advise, calling your company. Request their aid. They will ask you for some individual details for verification as well as will possibly repair the issue within minutes.

Final thought

Therefore, SIM not provisioned MM # 2 error is difficult to take care of for most people. It is a SIM card-related concern as well as the inner operations go way over most individuals’s heads. OS, without additional ado, we suggest taking a look at the thorough overview we have actually talked about in the article. The actions are easy, very easy to implement.

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