How to Fix Phone “Not Registered on Network” Error on Android | Best Ways to Solve Issue

The error phone “not registered on network” occurs when you try to make a call or text on Android phones. This error indicates that your current service provider does not recognize your IMEI number. As a result, the popup appears on your screen “not registered on network”.

It is a very common problem among the customers using Android phones may be due to reasons such as firmware not updated, system software not updated, etc.

Note:- The reason why users see the error “not registered on network” is because your SIM card is not connected to your carrier’s network. As it is not connected to the network, you won’t be able to make and receive calls on your mobile phone. Such a problem has been experienced by the customers using Android phones, especially Samsung phones.

Based on the customer complaints and experiences, these common reasons for the error have been identified. It has been witnessed that the customer’s Android phone can’t connect to the network and shows this error due to the reasons given below.

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Easy Ways to Fix “Not Registered on Network” error on Android Phones

How to Fix Phone Not Registered on Network Error on Android Best Ways to Solve Issue

1. Restart the phone: To rectify the network error, you can try to restart the phone. Once you restart, check again. If the problem persists, look for other solutions listed below.

2. Re-insert the SIM card: Another effective solution is to re-insert the SIM card. Many customers have been able to fix the problem simply by re-inserting the SIM card. You can try that too. If the problem gets fixed in this step, consider yourself lucky!

reset, reinsert sim card and battery for phone not registered on network

3. Update the system software: Check for any pending updates for the system software to avoid bugs and errors. Many times Android phones show error messages if updates are pending. You can fix it by choosing to update to the latest system settings.

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4. Change the network mode: You can change the network mode to 3G or 4G to fix the error. By changing the network mode, “not registered on network” error can be fixed.

5. Change the SIM card: Customers may also try to use another SIM card and try it again.

6. Reset the network settings: Customers may try to reset to factory settings. Make sure you have taken backup of your data because when you reset, it will erase your passwords, data, applications and settings.

7. IMEI number has changed: This error occurs usually after getting an update. The device IMEI number (serial number) gets changed to “SN 0000″ due to which the error occurs. It shows that your SN number is broken and needs to be fixed.

8. Device is blacklisted: The error may occur when your device gets blacklisted. Unfortunately, when your phone is reported as lost or stolen, your phone gets blacklisted in the national database of your country. In such a case, ideally you should follow these steps-

i) Approach the cops and report the problem

ii) Talk to the seller and try to get your money back

iii) Many people try to change their IMEI number which is illegal and not recommended.

iv) You may try to sell your phone overseas.

9. Your APN or Network settings were not properly updated: You may face the error “not registered on network” may be due to APN settings. You need to manually update the APN settings with the following steps-

  • Go to Wireless and Networks
  • Click Mobile networks
  • Go to Access Point Names (APN)
  • Click Menu > New > enter the required APN for the carrier

update apn settings for phone not registered on network

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Additional Trick to fix “Not Registered on Network” Error on Samsung Phones

You can also try to fix the error by following these steps given below. If it doesn’t work in the first attempt, follow the steps again.

  1. Turn off your Android phone by holding the Power button and the Home together
  2. Phone switched off. Wait for 2 minutes
  3. Then, remove the battery and SIM card from the phone
  4. Now, press the Power button and Home together for ten times consecutively.
  5. Now hold the Power and home keys for 1-3 minutes
  6. After this, you have to insert the battery and SIM card.
  7. Turn on your Android phone.
  8. When your phone is on, remove your SIM card and then reinsert it. Repeat the process five times. (If your android phone does not allow you to remove the SIM card without removing the battery, then skip the step).
  9. A  message appears saying “restart your phone”.
  10. Now, start using your phone normally with no errors.


The “not registered on network” error can be hard to diagnose and resolve at first. You can try each of the solution listed in order and go down to complex steps ahead. Tell us in the comments which solution worked well for you. If you liked this guide, then please do subscribe and share our social media pages to your friends who own Android or Apple phones.

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