Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow and How to Fix it ?

“I am pretty fond of the HP brand and using the 15” HP Pavilion for the last 2 years. The performance is good, it has never been disappointing. But suddenly from last night, I am having trouble operating it. It has gotten significantly slower and I am unable to execute simple tasks properly. Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow?”

The reasons behind a slow HP laptop aren’t anything ordinary. But getting slow has always been an issue with the HP laptop brand and these aren’t isolated incidents. A lot of HP users suffer due to this problem. There are a few potential reasons that may be making your laptop slow. Let’s take a look at them before diving into the solutions.

why is my Hp laptop so slow?” on online forums without success? You can stop looking now. Possibly, a few underlined reasons making your HP laptop slow. Check out our article to learn of the reasons and the possible ways to make it faster.

Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow?

Why is my hp laptop so slow and how can i fix

The Hp laptops tend to slow down and cause problems. If you are a first-time HP user, then this will come as a shock but the long-term followers of the brand are already aware of this. And to them, it is kind of expected and they mark this moment as the time to change the laptop.

Sadly, this isn’t easy for all to accept. Several reasons may be responsible for making your HP laptop slow. We have categorized them into several classifications. Let’s check them out.

1. Hardware Problems

hardware isolation for why is my hp laptop so slow

The computer hardware is of course an important aspect that most users overlook. At a glance, the laptop may look untouched but the problem with the hardware inside could cause a lot of different issues. Most often, the performance becomes the causality.

The Power Connector

The power connector of the laptop is one of the weakest parts. Only 3 pins are holding it and if you just trip the laptop over, it will take damage. So, take care when charging. If the power cable is damaged, the laptop is not charging properly. And without being connected to a power outlet, laptops do not perform optimally.

Hard Drive

Hard drive failure is another most common issue people overlook. If the hard drive is damaged, you should get some sort of error message. But you should also be on the lookout for performance anomalies.

2. Software Problems

The software problem can be quite versatile. There can be several software issues, starting from virus infection to Windows registry errors to 3rd party application errors. You need to be aware and be precise about the issue if you wish to fix it.

3. Bad Handling

This is the part most people overlook, making it one of the leading causes behind a slow laptop. Laptops are electronic devices and they need to be handled carefully with precision. There are a few things that you should not be doing with your laptops i.e., running multiple heavy programs at the same time and opening too many browser tabs.

If you do any of these, the laptop’s performance will take a hit over time. It will start running slow.

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Effective Ways to Fix Slow HP Laptop

So, why is my HP laptop so slow?

Since we have already got an answer to that question, it is time to look into the possible ways to fix a slow HP laptop.

1. Reboot Your HP Laptop

If your HP laptop is running slowly and you are having trouble executing daily tasks, reboot the laptop.

This is a simple fix but effective against minor issues. If your laptop has suddenly started running slowly, it doesn’t imply that an underlying problem is working here. It is minor stuff most of the time like a program wasn’t closed properly or Windows didn’t load properly that time. In those situations, you can easily fix your HP laptop just by executing a reboot.

2. Check for Malware and Virus

Check for malware and virus for why is my hp new laptop so slow

Malware is potentially bad and they tend to slow down computers. If your Hp laptop has been infected by malware, your laptop will start slowing down.

Download and install a good antivirus program on your laptop. Then, run it and scan for viruses. Please, be sure to install a good antivirus program. It will be a bit costly but don’t go for the cheap stuff. Cheap antiviruses can sometimes be worse than viruses.

3. Get Rid of Bloatware

Now, these laptops come with Windows 10 pre-installed and alongside the OS a lot of unnecessary applications get installed too. There is no way to avoid this, all the brands do this.

Some of these irrelevant programs tend to make your laptop run slow. So, after making the purchase, it is best to get rid of them.

4. Clean Up Your Hard Drive

You also need to optimize your hard drive space. Be sure to delete the unnecessary files from your hard drive and also uninstall the programs that you haven’t used in a long time.

These are especially important if your hard drive is almost full. A laptop doesn’t run properly with a full hard drive.

5. Update Windows 10

Why Is My HP Laptop So Slow and How to fix like windows upgrade, update

Sometimes, outdated OS can conflict with other updated applications which can make a laptop run slow. So, if you haven’t updated your Windows 10 in while, it is time to do so.

Just navigate to the Settings of Windows 10 and then visit the Update & Security tab. Click on the Windows Update on the sidebar. Finally, click on the Check for Updates button.

Windows will start checking for available updates. If it can locate an update, you will get the Download and Install option.

Service Center

If nothing works and you have a new but slow HP laptop in your hands. Take the device to the nearest HP service center or you can also take it to the shop you purchased it from. Tell them the problem.

If the laptop was faulty, they will fix it or replace it.


Just remember, HP laptops have a tendency to slow down but that is after years of use. But if your new laptop is having this issue, then you need to take it to the service center and tell them to look into it. Otherwise, you can use the tips we have discussed in the article to turn back the laptop into working condition.

So, this is our solution to “why is my HP laptop so slow?” Simple isn’t it!

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