Why Is My Phone So Slow? Best Ways to Speed Up your Phone

Asking “why is my phone so slow?” Well, a mobile phone can be slowed down due to a few possible reasons. But every case is unique and needs proper attention. For the best possible results, check out our detailed guide.

“My Samsung Galaxy has started acting oddly. Mainly, it has become very for the last few days. Sometimes, it is even getting frozen for a few seconds. How do I fix this?”

This is a common issue among Android mobile users. They ask, “Why Is My Phone So Slow?” A mobile phone can suddenly start to slow down for certain unforeseen reasons. It is not always possible to predict the situation and it can even happen for reasons that are completely out of your hands. If you want to take a closer look at this issue and its fixes, be sure to check out the article below. 

Why Is My Phone So Slow? 

There may be several factors involved in slowing down your Android mobile phone. If the phone was running slowly from the moment you took it out of the box, then you might have gotten a defective device. Replacing is the best way to move forward.

But if you have been using the device for a few months or over a year and it has suddenly started running slower, then your mobile might have been the victim of mobile slow-down issues. Let’s check out the reasons for your mobile getting slow, to understand it better. 

  • Congested storage space, not enough space 
  • Several programs or apps running at the same time
  • Damaged battery 
  • Outdated Operating System 
  • Bad internet connection 
  • Overheating Android mobile
  • Very Old device 

Your Android mobile may have been running slow due to any or more of these reasons. It is not possible to pinpoint the exact reason from afar but these are the most plausible reason.  

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5 Ways to Speed Up your Slow Phone 

Why Is My Phone So Slow Best Ways to Speed Up your Phone

So, if you have understood the reasons behind, “Why is My Phone So Slow?”. It is time to check out the ways to make your mobile phone run faster. 

Disable Live Wallpaper 

There are only a handful of tweaks capable of making your phone faster and disabling the live wallpaper is a big step towards that. 

The live wallpapers are great. They look great and they also make your mobile look incredible. But it can bring down the phone’s performance quite a bit. So, if you are facing delays between app launches, going back to the home screen or the phone is just freezing for seconds during the performance, you need to take care of your mobile. The first recommended step would be the removal of the live wallpaper. Replace it with static vibrant HD wallpapers available on the internet or you can also go with your favorite picture.   

Free Up Storage Space 

The next step for speeding up your phone would be to check the condition of your mobile’s storage space.  

If the storage is full or almost full, mobiles tend to run slowly. So, it is always recommended to keep at least 5GB of space free on your mobile. This helps to keep the device run properly. 

Navigate to Settings > Device Care/Battery and Device Care > Storage. You can check from here, the condition of your storage space and the type of files taking up most of the space. If the files hogging all the space are important, transfer them to a different device i.e., external storage space. If you mostly have junk files. Delete them immediately and free up space.   

Delete Applications 

Deleting an application on a slow Android mobile is standard practice. This fix more or less sounds like clearing up the mobile storage but the root of this solution goes even deeper. 

It is always recommended to remove the applications from your mobile that aren’t being used, at present or haven’t been used in a long time. This not only clears space but also removes the burden that comes with the installation of too many programs.

So, navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications. Tap on the app you want to remove and then tap Uninstall.     

Clean Up the Cache Files 

Cache files are also known as temporary files. These files are created by the application to run at an optimal level. But these files need to be cleared from time to time. Otherwise, they will take too much space on the mobile storage space and make things difficult for you. 

Clearing the cache files can also improve your mobile’s performance. Let’s check out the steps. 

Step1: Navigate to Settings > Apps

Step2: Tap on the app whose cache needs to be cleared. Then, tap on Storage.  

Step3: After that, tap on the Clear Cache option at the bottom of the screen. 

Do the same for other applications on your mobile. Your mobile should be running faster, afterward. 

Check for Software Updates 

Last but not least, check for software updates. Hope for the best, Android updates won’t be available all the time.

Software updates contain bug fixes for the previous version, ned features, and performance boost. So, when your mobile is running slow, it is a good idea to update the software. Navigate to the Settings -> Software Update -> Check for Updates.  

Just remember this is a conditional fix. If you are already using the latest version of the software or there aren’t any updates available presently, then this fix won’t work. You have to stick with the previous ones and hope for the best. 

Note: Sadly, if your mobile has a battery issue or overheating, you need to take it to the nearest Service Center of your respected mobile brand. The experts there will take a look. It’s is good if the device is under warranty. Otherwise, it will be costly to repair the damages. Alternatively, getting a new mobile phone would be a better idea.  


Well, there are several reasons behind, “Why is My Phone So Slow?” Unfortunately, there are a few reasons that are completely out of our hands like overheating mobile or battery issues. So, we recommend readers focus on the reason that is under their control. Like clearing the cache files frequently, keeping the storage space organized and not full; running one app at a time. Doing these things will extend the lifespan of the device and it will run at optimal speed. 


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